I did a lot of walking yesterday and my feet are still killing me.  But having pounded several miles of the Bratislava cobbles and pavements I do feel quite proud.  The hips hurt a little, but not as much as they have done after exercise recently and while I can feel weakness in my spine from where the cancer has attacked it, that feeling is much more twinge than devastating pain.

One thing I am noticing more is my ability to stand up from a seating position is impaired.  I’m noticing myself seek a rail or something firm to haul myself up on.  Examples include plane seat, tram seat and lavatory seat, as well as struggling to get out of the bath here in my apartment.  It’s giving me a rather good insight into the world of the frail and elderly.  And then I realise that I have a fragility that I’d never really considered.  More handles and railings in the world would be a great help to me.

I’m anticipating more walking today, although a cross border train will be taking the strain between here and Vienna.  I’ve decided not to head to Budapest tomorrow but to utilise Bratislava’s tram network to see a little more of the place.

The Bell’s palsy remains.  Over four months now so I’m beyond the typical period when it just fixes itself.  As the evening air has cooled my right eye, which remains permanently open, has hurt a lot.  Although a couple of people have said its improved, I don’t see it myself.

My afatinib cancer treatment continues to provide side effects.  Spotty teenage face continues hut I don’t appear to have pulled any ten age Slovakian ladies with the look.  A couple of unwelcome visits to the gents were also a surprise yesterday and a reminder to take my magic cork generating medication with me to Austria today.

Overall I feel quite good, if a little tired after a lot of walking yesterday.  I think that’s a good thing.

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