To be fair, that building work was a restoration job after an earlier fire, but it did quite surprise me.

The views from the castle are terrific, despite the Mancunian weather, with the not so blue Danube, the old city in all its glory and distant tower blocks and factories from the communist era.  Austria to the east I could see.  Hungary to the south I couldn’t.

I basically pounded the streets from my apartment, through the magnificent old town and up hill to the castle.  After that I wandered aimlessly, stopping for brunch before finding a mix of the quaint, the modern and some extraordinarily dull bits in between.

I had originally intended to join a walking tour.  But there didn’t seem to be any available today.  I’m quite glad I found my own way around.

I’ll be seeing a lot more later today and on Thursday.  Tomorrow is train to Vienna day.

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