Since the start of January I’ve earned ove £400 from clicking on the right links at the right time.

Instead of going straight to the Qatar web site to book my Australia flights, I went to TopCashback and received a £45 rebate on my fare.  The Chile flights were booked via British Airways, despite not involving a BA plane, and TopCashback netted me an extra £37.77 that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

Now clearly I’m spending a lot more than these amounts while travelling.  But those sums have just paid for two nights hotel accommodation in Santiago.  Which I’ve booked through having earned another £5 or so from another TopCashback link.  Most of my accommodation has been booked through not just because of cashback but because they also offer a free night for every ten nights booked.

It doesn’t work for every airline though.  Ryanair never seem to have offered anything.  Easyjet will rebate Nectar points albeit at a measly 0.5%.  And while it does work for Flybe the 75p they’re handing over for getting me to Milan can be filed under “every little helps, but is that really the best you can do?”.

I booked car hire for the Atacama Desert last night.  £16 handed over by TopCashback. I only got 32p out of them for my £16 Malta car hire but that should trigger 700 Avios points in the next few days!

Airport parking has also generated a few extra pounds as have one or two other online purchases through non-travel retailers.

And while earning over £400 in six weeks is a sign of big spending on my part, it’s a number I’m pretty chuffed with.  Especially when I realise that it’s an amount that effectively pays for the trips to Malta and Bratislava in their entirety.

At the time of writing, you earn a fiver if you sign up via This TopCashback link.  And I’ll get a tenner out of it.  There’s no cost to you.  And it’s a damn good habit to have when shopping online.

You can also redeem your earnings for Avios which can be particularly handy if you’re chasing a few extra points to buy a flight.