Well, another day in paradise begins.

To be fair, my half day in Malta hasn’t exactly revealed paradise. More a low rise metropolis surrounded by sea with an excessive number of cars.

I’ll head to Valletta, the capital, today and see some of the sights there. Gozo might not happen as the wind is high this morning and I don’t want to get seasick doing the ferry. We will see. I don’t have to commit to anything! Despite having a hire car, I’ll be taking the bus. Valletta does not look like the kind of place that is remotely good to drive into!

My prescription this month reverts to a single 50mg afitinib tablet each day which started last night. Last month they couldn’t source the single tablet so I ended up with a 20mg and a 30mg one each night. It does create an unease that I might end up without the drug for a short period of time. While the instructions say you should just continue as normal if you miss a day my head thinks such a happening means “dead”!

Mobile phone data from Three “all you can eat” has been impressive. Definitely a good purchase for the traveller, although it doesn’t include Chile in the free package! I have discovered that they block tethering to the iPad which is a great pity. Still, that was never promised!