I’ve travelled overseas alone on numerous occasions.  But I always have the nagging fear something will go wrong.

Yesterday I sorted out my plastic.  A wallet full of credit cards and debit cards just in case.  Two of them don’t charge a foreign transaction fee.  I like these.  Even though I only spent around £50 when I was in Pottugal last year.  I’m the kind of guy who will focus on saving £1.50 on a small trip like this and then think nothing of hitting the <confirm> button on his £2,000 business class palace when travelling further afield.

A 7.05am flight means setting the alarm for 4am.  I don’t usually set an alarm and my middle aged bladder usually has me awake at 4am.  So the fear of having to make a mad dash to the airport really isn’t justified.  But there was one year when my step daughter saved the family holiday after we slept on, although my bladder was younger back then!

I’ve never used Leeds Bradford Airport or their car park before.  I was brought up near Manchester Airport and know it like the back of my hand.  LBA is new to me.  What if I get stuck on a one way loop and get to the gate too late?

And then there’s the medication.  What if I forget the afitinib?  Unlikely as it’s in the folder with my passport.  But what if I lose the folder?

I wouldn’t describe myself as being particularly OCD.  But when it comes to travel I like to cover every eventuality.

My favourite quirky insurance plan is my Al-Italia Gold membership.  I’ve never flown with the airline but got them to status match my now expired BA Silver status last year.  If Ryanair mess up my flight home I can book myself onto an Al Italia flight via somewhere Italian and get home that way.  The fare will be extortionate but at least I’d be able to relax in the lounge!

Sometimes my sense of fallback position needs reminding certain scenarios will never happen!  Dave, you’re going to Malta.  Chill boy!

Meanwhile, progress in lung cancer treatment continues.  This kind of story allows me to travel in hope.