Oncologist appointment today.

The headline health news is that I’ve gained weight (they like this in cancer world), nothing nasty showed up in my blood tests and the NHS now offer a new drug that may be suitable when my afatinib fails me at some point in the future.

In other words, all is good and there’s the possibility of living longer.

Our conversation about medication and holidays was interesting.  She can only prescribe 28 days at a time.  I’d better not join a six week charity trek across central Africa then!  Given that the Chile and Australia plans each involve 25 days out of the country I’m going to have to manage my supplies of prescribed life saving pills carefully!

The potential of a new drug extending my life in the future is really positive.  It does, however, mean that I need to budget to make my redundancy money and savings last six years until I can utilise my pension pot.  Having blown £10k on things since the turn of the year I might end up breaking the habit of a lifetime in 2021 and start living on my credit cards!

Or I could be radical and get a job when the money runs out.