It’s a shocking headline.  Fortunately it only applies to Milton Keynes.  But North Lancashire Teaching Hospials scored 28%.  I’ve no idea about Huddersfield.  But at least I’ve passed the thirty day mark.

My own thoughts on chemotherapy when diagnosed as terminal were negative.  Being pumped full of rubbish to cling on an extra few months didn’t appeal.  Indeed, I was gutted to be told no clinical trials until I’ve given chemo a go.

I suppose there are those rare cases where people live for years.  And, despite side effects, I have been pain free in the main while undergoing chemo.  Although I think radiotherapy might be the main reason.  The latter certainly sorted the big issue in my butt!

When osimertinib, wonder drug two, failed me in January the odds of surviving 2018 diminished significantly.  Despite important dates for inheritance tax avoidance and over 50 life assurance claims falling in 2019, my chances of getting there aren’t great.  Cancer doesn’t work around your financial goals.

That number in my headline does raise a question.  Granted, there will come a point where Oncobabe pulls the plug on my treatment.  But I do wonder if that should have happened already?  Other than forming a possible pathway to clinical trials I am struggling to see the true benefits of palliative chemotherapy.  Granted, dumping the terminally ill on the scrap heap before they’re time also feels wrong.

Perhaps Milton Keynes NHS just chucked every dead man/woman walking into chemo, regardless of their underlying health.  Most don’t get too many months after treatment anyway.